Love Ritual Smudging Kit
Love Ritual Smudging Kit
Love Ritual Smudging Kit

Love Ritual Smudging Kit

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The LOVE ritual smudging kit includes:

Large super charged powerful Rose Quartz 

Small surprise crystal

Fragrant white sage smudge stick

Aromatic Palo Santo stick

Hand made double feather fan with gold dipped feather and mini quartz

Moon & Jai matches

Ritual scroll- directions and guidance on how to perform your ritual

Crystal qualities scroll- qualities of your crystal, healing powers and care instructions

Each kit is infused with high vibrational energy and clear intention to assist you in manifesting your desires.

🌓  Moon & Jai inspire & entice you to invite magic into your life

🌙  Attain superpowers of creativity & insight

🌔  Ritual turns space into sanctuary

The crystals in each kit have been cleansed, energetically charged, moon bathed and blessed.

Rose quartz qualities:

Rose quartz is a symbol of love, and a master healer in all matters related to love. If you are working on attracting more love or a new lover into your life- rose quartz will assist you greatly. It can also help restore harmony, connection and trust in your current relationships. This is also a powerful stone to assist in building greater self-love and self-esteem. Rose Quartz is a symbol of gentle love and beauty. This stone has an calming and soothing effect. It is helpful to carry rose quartz during intense times, as rose quartz encourages love & forgiveness.

Rose quartz is an amazing crystal for the bedroom, as it is deeply connected to the heart and radiates a constant flow of love. Place it on your night stand, or anywhere in the bedroom to attract love, or repair balance in your love life.