Lunar Wild Mini

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You asked, we listened! COMING SOON: A smaller version of our best-selling gift box. 

The response to Lunar Wild has been INCREDIBLE. We cannot thank you enough for your support and suggestions! We've gathered your feedback and are happy to announce a more accessible version of our well-loved gift boxes!  

Enter the Lunar Wild Mini: This box will be released once we hit 50 pre-orders! By ordering now you'll ensure you get it when it's first released. Your pre-order not only supports a small business dream, but by investing in project you become a part of this movement you and an integral part of the Lunar Wild family. We're on a mission to change the conversation around periods & celebrating women's bodies! Every single order placed helps us get closer to creating big ripple effects for future generations of women.

Founder message:
It is my belief that each one of us truly has the ability to effect real change with where we choose to allocate support. We consider it an honor to be at the forefront of this movement and feel humbled to have the opportunity for consideration of your support. 
Stay wild,
 xox Hallie


What you'll get when you order the Lunar Wild Mini:

💜 Same quality of curated gifts in our Standard Lunar Wild box

💜 Every product in your Lunar Wild mini comes from a women-run business

💜 Hand-packed, gift-wrapped box and customized with the recipient's name 

💜 A personalized love note/ thank you from us!