VoiceAmerica: Lunar Wild's First Period Gift Box, Honoring the Sacred Alchemy of Womanhood

Hallie Mazurkiewicz, creator of Lunar Wild, joins The Womb Happy Hour. Lunar Wild is dedicated to the education and re-education of women regarding the sacred alchemy of womanhood. Hallie’s mother celebrated and understood the importance of embracing her daughter’s sacred femininity. Based on Hallie’s personal journey and as a schoolteacher, she’s directing her energy to help mothers and young girls honor their first period story through special Lunar Wild gift boxes. Lunar Wild offers young ladies gifts that contain mindful menstruation products and sacred literature about becoming a woman. Hallie will share with listener’s information about the benefits of organic pads, tampons, menstrual cups, cloth pads or period underwear and also other magical and supportive products available for mothers and young women to come together and celebrate their menstrual flow. If you’re a mom, sister, grandma, aunt or young lady tune in to the show. You won't want to miss Hallie's gift offer!

Link to full interview here.

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