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After eagerly awaiting my box it arrived and opening it was like Christmas morning. It was better than I could have ever imagined. Each piece perfectly picked out. I can't wait to use each one! And I can't wait to gift this box to others. These are products that need to be shared!


This box is heavy it’s so full of awesome products! Everything is quality - and perfect! Well worth the price, it’s an amazing value. I’m so glad I had it for when my niece first gets her period. This makes is less scary, less of a taboo topic, and maybe even exciting! Thank you for such an awesome product!

"Happy Tween"

I had the chance to go through the box with my daughter tonight who has not yet started her period. She loved all the wonderful gifts in the box and it will be a great start for her. I was so impressed with it that I already pre-ordered another box for my niece! Thank you Lunar Wild for creating this wonderful gift for young women.

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