First Period Gift Box by Lunar Wild

First Period Gift Box by Lunar Wild

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Lunar Wild’s mission is to support young women as they approach their first menstruation with a one-time gift box that celebrates their first period while breaking down stigmas surrounding menstruation: it’s not the Curse—it’s the Gift.

 The First Period Gift Box by Lunar Wild contains a selection of ethically conscious products such as:

  • Disposable pads & tampons
  • Reusable cloth pads or period underwear
  • A menstrual cup
  • Empowered literature about womanhood and period management
  • Other luxury self-care gifts including candles, essential oil blends, feminine balance tea, bath bombs, special moon jewelry,
  • And so much more!

The First Period Gift Box is a luxe keepsake/gift box created with the hope and intention that mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, sisters, and mentors would offer it to young women in preparation for menstruation (even if the event itself is months or years away). It's the gift you give before her period!

Shipping spring 2018 -- SOLD OUT! 

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